Sunday, 12 March 2023

Put your calendar on autopilot with Ontraport ⚡

Want to book more appointments and get fewer no-shows? Learn how in 10 minutes. 👇

If you offer sales calls, consultations, group sessions or other appointments, you'll love our new Calendar feature. 😍 And we've got a free 10-minute tutorial to show you exactly how it works.

You'll learn how to:

  • 📅Create one-time or recurring events
  • 💡Send event notifications only to people who need them (like non-responders)
  • ⚒️Build event templates for recurring events (like monthly webinars)
  • ✔️See which events each contact is involved in
… all from Ontraport. Check it out to get fewer no-shows, higher attendance and more opportunities to engage with leads and clients.  

Like what you see? Here's even more about what Ontraport Calendar can do for you.

With our Calendar feature, you can stop manually juggling appointments, and say goodbye to dropped balls and clients falling through the cracks. 🙌 You can also:
  • Put an end to calendar busywork
  • Take reminders, no-show management and follow-up off your plate
  • Rely on Ontraport's detailed tracking for in-depth appointment insights
Find out how here.👇

This week in the community...

Quick inspiration: You can now create internal forms that don't trigger fancy contact tracking so you can submit info on behalf of your customers without complications. Check out this quick demo from our Founder and CEO Landon Ray to see how it works.

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