Thursday, 9 March 2023

🔍 The New Google Trends

Good morning, Search Marketer, do you keep up with the latest trends?

Google has just launched a new Trends portal, so now you can obsessively track the latest hot topics, like how many kids Nick Cannon has, across different categories such as sports, entertainment and news.

To be clear, I don't follow too much entertainment news, especially those following the personal lives of D-list celebrities. But the ability to monitor trending topics across different categories could be particularly valuable for marketers looking to stay on top of the latest trends in their industry, or for journalists trying to identify potential news stories.

Nicole Farley,
Trend setter


Google launches new Google Trends portal

SEOs, content creators and marketers use Google Trends as part of their toolset, so this update might be useful for all of you.

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YouTube overlay ads are going away

From April 6, 2023, creators will no longer be able to activate or add "Overlay ads" from within YouTube Studio when accessing monetization options.

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Google rolled out new site names, favicon and sponsored label on desktop search

After launching this design for the mobile search results last October, this is now officially live for desktop search.

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The key to maximizing ROAS in 2023

If you're a marketer in the world of digital advertising, you likely have a strategy when it comes to optimizing ROAS. In our upcoming webinar we will explore the need for transparency and accuracy within your strategy and how to further maximize results.

Save my seat!

Why a Google search revolution never happened

Google had a 'revolutionary' chatbot ready two years ago. Now, it's slowly rushing to put AI into more products. What happened?

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How to make better SEO reports for the C-suite

Effective SEO reporting highlights the metrics that matter to the C-suite and excludes what will likely be ignored. Learn more here.

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GA4 preparation guide

Get this 5-minute guide for digital marketers on Google Analytics 4 with the latest deadlines and expert resources.

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How to optimize your Amazon brand store

Learn the seven steps for setting up your Amazon Store and top optimization tips to keep your customers engaged.

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Maximizing your website tracking with Google's Tag coverage summary

Your "Tag coverage" summary can report on up to 10,000 pages.

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[Available now] Actionable search marketing training

Dive deep into GA4, technical SEO, advanced Google ads and more at your choice of SMX Master Class — now available on-demand!

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