Thursday, 16 March 2023

🔍 Farewell, Microsoft broad match modifier keywords

Good morning, Search Marketer, it's an exciting time at Microsoft.  

Between the launch of GPT-4, no more waitlist for the new Bing and Broad Match Modifier keywords going away, there's plenty of reason to watch Microsoft and ponder what it all means for the future of search marketing.

OK, maybe broad match modifier keywords aren't exactly "exciting." But the fact remains that this change will have a significant impact on PPC campaigns. 

Broad match modifier keywords have traditionally served as phrase match, which has allowed for more targeted and relevant ads. However, with the shift to broad match, advertisers will need to be more mindful of the types of keywords they use and how they structure their campaigns.

Oh, and ICYM the big SEO news, Google released its first core update of 2023. Here's what you need to know

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Microsoft Ads broad match modifier keywords now serving ad broad match

No action is needed from advertisers at this point.

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Google releases March 2023 broad core update

This is the first Google core update of 2023 and the first in more than six months. The rollout may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

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The new Bing: No more waiting list?

Many people who had been on the Bing waitlist now have access – and there are reports that people can now sign up for instant access.

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How integrating two important systems can unlock accurate syndication of data

Whether selling to businesses or direct to consumers, buyers need access to various types of product content – emotionally driven visual assets and objective information. In our upcoming webinar we will explore how to organize different types of content to create a 360-degree view of your product's digital representation.

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SEO product management: Key framework and fundamentals

From prioritizing an SEO roadmap to writing an effective ticket, here are fundamentals every SEO product manager should know.

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How to deploy advanced schema at scale

This three-stage schema deployment process breaks down the overwhelming task of implementing structured data on large websites.

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New Google Analytics custom channel groups

Accessible to all users, custom channel groups can be employed in custom reports and explorations to obtain both current and historical insights into campaign channels.

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Marketing Attribution 101

Make sure your search optimization and marketing activities are delivering maximum return on investment.

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Andi Search adds Generated Content feature

The small startup search engine is launching a new ChatGPT alternative – but is this generative AI tool worth your time?

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