Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Apple's biggest health moves in 2019 — and what's to come in 2020

December 31, 2019
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Apple dove deeper into healthcare in 2019 — here's how we think it'll push forward with its health play in 2020.
Apple doubled down on its big consumer- and enterprise-facing health projects and seems to have a handful of smaller initiatives in the works.

Some industry projections have Apple's healthcare division generating $313 billion in revenue by 2027 — and while we think slowing wearables consumption and privacy hurdles will impede Apple from hitting this lofty mark, it's clear the tech giant is going full steam ahead into 2020 with its health-focused endeavors.

Our digital health research team has broken down Apple's biggest healthcare moves in 2019 and how they could evolve in the year ahead.

(Editor's Note: The Daily will not appear Wednesday, January 1, due to the New Year holiday. Have a safe and happy New Year!)
Shelagh Dolan
Head of Content
Shelagh Dolan
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Monzo eyes up to $131M in funding amid its profitability push
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How our 2019 connectivity and tech predictions fared
Last year, we published predictions about what to expect from the industry in 2019 — here's how they fared by the year's conclusion.
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Apple's health moves in 2019 and what's to come in 2020
We break down Apple's biggest healthcare moves in 2019 — and how it'll push forward with its health play in 2020.
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Snap is offering personalized video content through Bitmoji TV
Snap previewed a new Bitmoji TV show for Snapchat's Discover section, a personalized cartoon series featuring user avatars as leading characters.
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These are the fintech predictions we got wrong in 2019
At the end of last year, we drew up a list of five fintech predictions for 2019 – here are the ones we got wrong.
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Merchants that had poor holiday sales can still boost performances
Merchants that need to boost their performances after the holidays should try creating events outside of the winter holiday season.
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The Buy Button Report
Companies have introduced "buy buttons" so consumers can skip the cumbersome steps required to input contact and payment information online. Major card networks have joined to introduce Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), which will provide a singular consistent buy button. This report lays out what SRC and its buy button are, how the button works for both consumers and merchants, and the obstacles between it and widespread adoption.
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Thousands of truck drivers lost their jobs in the 2019 trucking 'bloodbath.'
Trucking did not flourish in 2019. In fact, truck drivers like Lexington, Kentucky-based Chad Boblett told Business Insider that it is a "bloodbath" for small fleets.
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Tuesday Morning Brief: Two police officers shot in Federal Way

Plus: Home prices jump, wind may cancel fireworks, fiery attack on U.S. Embassy in Iraq, top stories of 2019, how to fight robocalls, Seahawks' postseason path
A weekday roundup of your need-to-know news. Visit here to view in browser.
The Seattle Times
Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Nose of a Boeing 737 MAX
Top stories of 2019: Boeing 737 MAX, snowstorms, free college and more
Angle-of-attack sensors are visible on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 sitting outside the Renton assembly plant in March. The sensors drew scrutiny after two deadly crashes that became the Puget Sound area's biggest story of 2019. Let's rewind to see what else marked this very distinctive year, in words, photos and video. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)
Two police officers have been shot and a man has been killed in a confrontation overnight in Federal Way, officials say. Check back for updates on this breaking news.

Flames, tear gas and sounds of gunfire are coming from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad today after dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters broke in, angered over deadly U.S. airstrikes that targeted the militia. The Iraqi government made no attempt to stop the protesters, signaling a sharp deterioration in Iraq-U.S. relations. A photographer inside the compound captured the mayhem.

Home prices in the Puget Sound area are higher than last year for the third month in a row, according to new numbers released today. Year-over-year price growth has accelerated since the summer, a big change from the declining growth we saw earlier.

High wind gusts may cancel New Year's Eve fireworks at the Space Needle and whip Western Washington for most of tonight. Find updates on this, and know what to do if the power goes out. More:

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GOOD LUCK, 2020!
New Year's cartoon
Here's where to see more editorial cartoons by David Horsey.
The Seahawks' postseason path is looking much hairier after that thoroughly botched loss to the 49ers. Here are five things to know about the Eagles, their next opponent. And coach Pete Carroll is talking about what led up to Sunday's stunner,  when a fairytale finish went haywire.

You should get fewer robocalls, thanks to a new law signed by President Donald Trump yesterday, but they won't disappear entirely. Here's how you can fight this plague.

Downtown Redmond was just "a place you drove through" when Mayor John Marchione took office in 2008. He and his fellow outgoing mayors from Renton and Bellevue are talking about the astounding changes they've seen, the things they wish they'd known — and what one learned from being attacked by a bear.

Weren't we all supposed to be zipping around in Jetsons-style flying cars by now? Instead, the world got a $700 juicer and endless high-tech privacy scares. Here are the biggest tech fiascoes of the decade.
Provided by YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish
African Americans made up less than 1% of Seattle’s population during the post-Civil War period, and built a thriving community of churches and civic organizations in the Central District. These seven women of color made history.
South King County fire crews fought a huge blaze yesterday at the Federal Way home where an 85-year-old woman is accused of shooting her two roommates, one of them fatally, earlier this month. 

How two sisters from New Mexico ended up running three Seattle restaurants: Yukiko and Miki Sodos are telling the story of a huge leap that led to Seattle's Bang Bang Café, Bang Bang Kitchen and Café Pettirosso. They have a recipe to share, too, for cornmeal pancakes with green chile butter. Craving different flavors? You'll find made-to-order seafood cioppino at a restaurant inside the Ballard PCC.

Wellness: We're resolving to get more creative about clean eating in 2020, after the glut of rich holiday food. Nutritionist Carrie Dennett recommends three cookbooks for inspiration, including one that focuses on hitting “the sweet spot where delicious and healthy meet.”
Produced by Advertising Publications
Long, lush lashes and brows that make a statement remain on trend as we move into 2020. Do any of the new products that offer to boost growth or thicken what's already there really do the job?
The cancer death of a Monroe Correctional Complex inmate who asked in vain for treatment is the latest in a long list of tragic evidence that the Washington Department of Corrections is overdue for systemic reform, The Seattle Times editorial board writes.   
Rain, and hang onto your hat. High 51. Low 47. Sunrise 7:57. Sunset 4:27. 
Seattleites in 1915 celebrate the last New Year's Eve before Prohibition takes effect, as Washington joins 18 other dry states outlawing the sale and manufacture of intoxicating liquors. The year before, 315 saloons in the city opened for New Year’s Eve, but only 200 open in 1915 as owners run out of liquor or are worried about vandalism by customers. The first arrest for illegally selling liquor is made at 2:55 a.m. New Year’s Day. Prohibition ends in late 1933, when it is repealed by the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Seattle City Council enacts an emergency ordinance permitting the sale of beer and wine. (Compiled from HistoryLink.org)
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